Bachelor degrees

  • Bachelor of Occupational Safety & Health Environment
  • Bachelor of Sustainable Health & Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor of Health & Safety Management
  • Bachelor of Road Maintenance Management

Occupational Safety & Health Environment

The Bachelor in Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment (OSH&E) degree program is designed to provide an academically comprehensive curriculum that prepares graduates with the ability and competency to become highly qualified safety, industrial hygiene, and environmental professionals.

Sustainable Health & Environmental Studies

The Bachelor of Sustainable and Environmental Studies at University of Africa is about understanding social and community sustainability as well as ecologically sustainable development. University of Africa is the only university in Zambia that offers the degree, which provides a unique opportunity to develop skills and an understanding of sustainability in a holistic manner, integrating social science with environmental science.

Mine Health & Safety

This course is designed to provide students with the ability to recognise generic mine occupational health hazards & to understand the impact they may have on human health if they are not managed to certain standards. Generic hazards include a range of chemical hazards, fatigue, noise, respirable dust, diesel emissions, radiation, light & musculoskeletal conditions. This course provides students with the skills to manage these hazards under a normal operating situation as well as during an emergency response.

Security & Risk Management

This challenging course offers advanced knowledge and understanding through teaching tailored to meet the exacting, changing and rising standards of the security industry.

Agricultural Business Management

The major objectives of this programme include:

  • Assisting agricultural producers with developing strategies to manage business risks.
  • Enhancing farmers’ abilities to apply economic analysis techniques to production decisions.
  • Helping agricultural entrepreneurs and natural-resource firm owners develop sound business and financial plans.
  • Assisting farmers with adoption of long term plans to address asset transfer, business structure and retirement.
  • Enhancing agricultural producers’ sales by improving their understanding of market options and customer demand.

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