Bachelor of Law degree

The Bachelor of Laws programme at the University of Africa is desired to meet the growing need for legally trained persons to work in the public and private sectors of the Zambian Economy. The Programme is also intended to equip students with legal knowledge that would enable them find placement both at home, the region and the world at Large.

The LLB will provide you with an education in the law that is distinguished by its rigour, depth and conceptual sophistication.

The duration of the LLB programme is four years.





Year 1 Semester I

Legal Process


Criminal Law


Civil and Criminal Procedure


Constitutional Law


Year 1 Semester II

Law of Contract


Law of Tort


Commercial Law


Land Law




Year 2 Semester I

Administrative Law


Labour Law


Family Law


Immigration Law


Year 2 Semester II

Business Association


Environmental Law


Consumer Protection Law


International Humanitarian Law




Year 3 Semester I

Civil Liberties and Human Rights


Media Law


The Law of Corporate Governance


Information Technology and the Law


Year 3 Semester II

Law of Evidence


Company Law


Intellectual Property Law


International Law


Year 4 Semester II



Legal Research I


Moot Court


Banking and Finance Law


Year 4 Semester II

Alternative Dispute Resolution


Legal Research I


Gender Law


Child Law


Bachelor in Criminal Justice (BCJ) degree

    Year 1


Introduction  to the Principles of Criminal Justice


Introduction to Criminal Justice Process


Sympodial Relations in Criminal Justice


Proactive Roles in Policing, Law and Corrections


Responsive Roles in Policing, Law and Corrections


Research Methodology


Business Communication


Computer and Information Technology


   Year 2 


Proactive Criminal Justice


Responsive Criminal Justice


Criminal Law


Criminal Procedural and Law of Evidence


Evidential Law


Criminal Justice Technology


Quantitative Methodological Principles in Criminal Justice


Optional Course


     Year 3 


Management of Criminal Justice System and Process


Quantitative Criminal Justice Principles


Constitutional and Criminal Justice


Optional Course


Administrative Law Principles


Relationship Issues in the Criminal  Justice


Qualitative Principles in Criminal Justice


Optional Course


Optional Courses

 Year  2


 Choose one of the following


Introduction to Criminology


Introduction to Public Administration


Year 3


Choose only one of the following during Semester 1


Principles of Private Security


Safety and Social Protection


Choose only one of the following during Semester 2


Violence in the Criminal Justice


Patrolling and Crime Prevention 


Investigation of Organised Crime


Stress amongst Officials in Criminal Justice


Bachelor in Social Work Practice & Development Studies degree

Year 1


Introduction to Sociology and Development 


Introduction to Social Psychology 


Business Communication


Introduction to Public Administration 


Introduction to Social Work 


Economics of Development


Social Work Ethics 


Behavioural Social Work Methods 


Management Ib


Human Rights 


 Year 2


Social Policy and Development


Principles and Practices of Youth Work


Social Development


Theories of Development


Organizational Behaviour


Politics and Local Governance


Strategic Management


Community Relations


NGOs and Development


Gender and Development


Year 3




Social Work Law Procedure & Evidenc


Community  Health & Development


Poverty Reduction Strategy 


Disaster Management 


Community and Rural Development


Counseling  Skills


Social Service Systems & Delivery 


Monitoring and Evaluation


Capstone Course Project

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