Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor in Occupational Safety & Health Environment

Year 1
Introduction to Occupation Health and Safety  
Fundamental Principles of Occupational Health& Safety  
Health Psychology  
Disaster Preparedness and Response  
Occupation Health  
Safety Program Design  
Introduction to Health Economics  
Functional Anatomy and the Work place  
Year 2
Fire Safety  
Environmental Control Practice  
Occupational Health and Safety  
Health Promotion  
Ergonomics for Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)  
Industrial Psychology Ia  
Organizational Behaviour  
Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Practice  
Year 3
Environmental Impact Assessment  
Hygiene and Toxicology  
Risk Assessment and Management  
Occupational Health and Safety Law  
Environmental Health Science  
Epidemiology and Public Health  
Environmental Management  
Research Methodology  

Bachelor in Sustainable Health & Environmental Studies

Year 1


Epidemiology and Public Health


Environmental Management


Solid waste Management


Environmental Management systems


Principles of Sustainable Development


Sustainable Health Policy and Planning


Built and Sustainable Communities


Applied Strategic Environmental Assessment


Year 2


International Environmental Governance


Research Methods  and Participatory Approaches


Ecology and Sustainability


Biotechnology and Environment


Atmospheric Pollution Impact


Environmental Law


Environmental Economics


Energy Resources And Policy


Year 3


Microbes in The Environment


Urban Water Resources


Environmental Impact Assessment


Pollution and Rehabilitation


Research Methodology


Water Science


Health Promotion


Capstone Course Project

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